About the business

Our story

As a student, I couldn't find the revision resources I needed. I want to help students in the same position. This fulfills a creative urge. My ADHD and Dyslexia influence my design and business techniques to help others.

Stockley academia

Brand logo

Our logo depicts a deconstructed human side profile, exposing the brain. This portrays our brand values of nurturing the human mind and feeding it with knowledge. In logo design, the aim is to create the perfect visual identity for a company.

Social media

Stockley academia

Connectivity is one of the most significant benefits of social media. It enables countless users to connect anywhere, anytime. Social media and its connectedness make it possible to spread information globally, enabling people to interact with one another easily. As a result, global relationships are formed.

  • An idea was born

    As a student I didn't find revision resources in a wide range of subjects. I want to solve that.

  • Our goal

    We want to provide a hub of GCSE and A Level revision resources for students and teachers.

  • Future ambitions

    We want to expand to cover more subjects at different academic levels together with online courses.